POSIZIONE APERTA A ottobre 2019 


The candidate, as member of the dev-team, is responsible for developing the front-end of websites and webapps.
Level: senior with proved experience and visible references.
We consider  different work solutions, both in-agency or remote, fulltime employee or freelance.

Absolutely required
-            Understanding of UX and user interface usability principles
-            Proficiency knowledge of HTML5, experience with DOM manipulation
-            Proficiency knowledge of CSS3 (includes SASS/SCSS), BEM methodology
-            Proficiency knowledge of JavaScript – both vanilla ES5 and ES6, JSON format
-            Experience with modern features of ES6, including OOP classes and modern language constructs
-            Experience with Responsive Web Design and cross-browser development for non-evergreen browsers (such as IE9+)
-            Ability to configure `webpack`, `gulp`, `postcss`, `babel` and know-how with code transpilation
-            Experience with JS package managers such as `npm` or `yarn`
-            Familiarity with HTTP and HTTPS protocols, HTTP-based API and AJAX queries
-            Familiarity with GIT VCS and Git Flow
-            Familiarity with jQuery
-            Knowledge of recent version of React.js and its ecosystem (including hooks and popular helper packages)
-            Experience with any implementation of Flux state management pattern (preferably Redux)
-            Knowledge of integration with template rendering engines such as Razor, Twig and prior experience with MVC or MVVM architectures
-            Portfolio of personal works (enclosed or linked) 
-            at least 3-years experience on field
-            short-term availability, on different bases such as in-agency or remotely working, fulltime  or freelance.

Soft skills

  •     assertiveness, goals and innovation-oriented approach
  •      willing to increase skills, responsabilities and  objectives
  •     interested in working in a multi-skilled team of  50 communication professionals 
  • Nice to have

     -          Experience with code quality tools such `eslint`, `stylelint`, `tslint`
    -            Knowledge of Vue.js 2 with vue-router and vuex state management
    -            Experience with TypeScript
    -            Knowledge of microservices, containerization (Docker) and continuous integration environments

Place of work and type of position
We consider  different  work solutions, both in-agency or remote, fulltime employee or freelance, depending on contract and agreements.

Please apply as follows

    • full personal contacts 
    • short motivational note
    • detailed CV  
    • portfolio (link or enclosed)  of personal works
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